Your challenge, our challenge

Network operators face intense market conditions. Price competition and high demand for data services mean organisations must reduce costs while enhancing performance and keep a suitable monitoring of the network. At the same time, providers must avoid becoming commodity suppliers of cheap high-speed mobile and fixed services.

We believe that infrastructure and service providers can get the most out of their own existing platforms without increasing their investment or making their network designs more complex. We think it is possible to improve the network capabilities by adopting simple and clever solutions that bring tangible benefits on network optimization, security and performance monitoring.

Competence and continuous learning our core values

Our team leverages on highly skilled people with many years of technical and managerial experience in ICT and Telco industries and technologies. We bring our Customers a wide range of competence on network design, as well as practical experience, to challenge convention.

We work with Telcos and Service Providers, and cooperate with manufacturers,to create business and operational strategies, implement major improvement programmes and designs, develop and market innovative solutions and technologies for network infrastructures.

What we can offer you

OPNET Solutions is able to offer you the best-of-breed of professional consultancy, system integration capabilities and engineering services need to address and fix your network issues.

We start from Customer's concerns and network analysis in order to define a more appropriate strategy for network re-design and improvement. We provide a deep description of a tailored solution and we support the customer in its validation, project plan definition, solution delivery and rollout.